Edit EXIF Photo Data

Editing photo Data can be a challenging undertaking. When you take a photo with your camera or smartphone, it’s not only the image that is created but a variety of data. Such data could include author, date, image format, and time the photo was taken. Such information is what is referred to as Metadata.

Metadata allows for applications to show rich information about the image including when it was taken and the type of device that was used. It’s not always that the metadata information will be correct. Fortunately, our tool can help you edit EXIF Photo Data.

For you to get rid of or edit the Metadata, you’ll need a third-party app. The installation process should be straightforward. Once that is done, open the app and click on EXIF Data Eraser and that’s just about it. You’ll be presented with the images from your library and you can select the one the data is to be edited. You might have to follow additional steps if you’d want to turn off location Meta on the images.

For Windows, the process is also straightforward. All you need to is to right-click on the images, go to properties, and click on details, then remove property and personal information. It’s recommended that you create a copy of the image before editing. You can use our tool to bulk edit EXIF Photo Data. This will require selecting multiple images.

If you’re cautious about your privacy, you can opt not to include location data. If you’re on iOs, you might find that disabling the location results in empty albums in the gallery. Our easy-to-use interface makes bulk editing a breeze. Our advanced features help users to have a greater measure of control over the editing process.